Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Official Video Trailer to Down But Not Out Released Today

Gain insight into the thrilling southern character charm and highly emotional charge of the Willie Boy Team in the Official Video Trailer of Down But Not Out - Poker champions in Vegas. You'll see some of the emotional luggage and interesting backgrounds of Lisa, Junior and Willie.

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Down But Not Out Official Video Trailer

Video Produced by - Trey Alexander
Assistant Director/Sound Engineer - Juan Estrada

The Willie Boy Team
Junior - Bruce Dillard
Lisa - Malinda Williams
Willie - Bill Norvell

Additional Cast
Jade - Ashley Winkle
Junior's mother - Atha DiPrima
Lisa's husband / Poker player - David Messer
Poker crowd fan - Juan Estrada
Poker crowd fan - Trey Alexander
Poker dealer - Jeff Hoffman
Uncle Willard - J.C. Hester

Special Thanks
Gonce and Messer, Attorneys at Law
Donna Grissom

Executive Producers
David Messer
Bill Norvell

Copyright 2011. Bill Norvell. All Rights Reserved.

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